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The combination of Rob Foshay’s expert guidance and our deep knowledge of our business have helped us craft a pragmatic, powerful and compelling solution to the vexing problem of training effectiveness.  Rob is helping us unlock the tacit knowledge in experts’ minds and transform it into a format that novices can benefit from. Linking the training to a Certification program insures not only that people will attend the training, but will actually be able to successfully apply it.  

Lucia C. Oddo
SVP, Global Client Service

Rob Foshay is a model of efficiency and expertise. He quickly grasped the instructional approach of our products, and he was able to summarize the research basis for our designs in an engaging, clearly-written and concise report.
Peter Neville,
Director of Instructional Design
Rob Foshay, PhD, CPT
"This book by Foshay and his associates is a breath of fresh air. To a designer culture overly concerned with processes and recipe-following, it offers sound, researched principles. Yet it does so in a way that makes those principles readily accessible and practically useable. By avoiding mechanics, this book takes the desigmer to the heart — and mind — of instructional design."
Andrew S. Gibbons, professor, Instructional Technology Department, Utah State University
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